What is another word for all?

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The word "all" is a fundamental and frequently-used term in the English language. It denotes totality, entirety, and completeness. There are various synonyms for the word 'all' depending on the context of use. The most commonly used synonyms for this term include entire, full, total, whole, every, complete, and all-encompassing. Other synonyms like each, any, all-inclusive, comprehensive, and universal are also relevant. These synonyms add a new meaning to the word "all" and help in bringing the diversity and dynamism of the English language. In conclusion, the use of synonyms for the word "all" enhances the expressiveness and diversity of the language.

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    All is a word that indicates the total quantity or the complete extent of something. However, every word has an opposite or antonym that conveys the opposite meaning. Here are some antonyms for the word "all": 1. None - It means that there is no amount or quantity of something. 2. Nothing - It implies the absence of anything or everything. 3. Part - It denotes a small proportion of something. 4. Some - It refers to a quantity or a portion of something. 5. Few - It indicates a small number of things or people. 6. Incompletely - It means not entirely or unfinished. 7. Partly - It means partially or to a certain extent. 8. Scattered - It implies things or people distributed over a wide area.

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