What is another word for coolant?

Pronunciation: [kˈuːlənt] (IPA)

The word "coolant" can refer to a liquid or gas that is used to absorb and dissipate heat. It has various synonyms depending on the context and type of coolant. For instance, in automotive and mechanical engineering, "antifreeze" often replaces "coolant," especially for engines that operate in cold temperatures. "Refrigerant" is another synonym that denotes coolants used in refrigeration and air conditioning units. Other common synonyms for coolant include "cooling agent," "heat transfer fluid," and "thermal fluid." These synonyms highlight the importance of coolants in various industries to regulate operating temperatures, prevent overheating, and maintain equipment efficiency and longevity.

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Usage examples for Coolant

Clipped the coolant line, and let warm air in.
John Keith Laumer
There was a lever that controlled openings that kept the coolant from boiling over while waiting to take off and it closed as soon as you were in the air.
"The Biography of a Rabbit"
Roy Benson, Jr.
I've got United Nuclear here for stress tests, coolant analyses, radiation metering in the morning just as a start, and I'm not going to have that shape around fusing up the works.
"A Fine Fix"
R. C. Noll

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