What is another word for festering?

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Festering is a term used to describe the process of something deteriorating or worsening over time, often due to neglect or lack of attention. There are several synonyms for the word festering, including putrefying, decaying, rotting, deteriorating, and worsening. Other related words may include contaminating, corrupting, and infecting. These terms are often applied to both physical and metaphorical situations, such as a wound that is festering or a relationship that is deteriorating. Regardless of the context, the use of these synonyms conveys a sense of something that is decaying and in need of urgent attention to prevent further damage.

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How to use "Festering" in context?

When you hear the word "fester," what comes to mind? Probably images of infection, pus and misery. But what about rotting? festering can actually refer to a period of time when something rots, or integrates with the environment in a negative way. This process can often lead to something deteriorating and no longer functioning as it should. In short, festering can refer to anything that's going wrong in a process or organism, and can often be a sign of something going wrong. Here are four examples of how festering can manifest in the physical world.

1. Festering wounds are a common sign of infection.

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