What is another word for seep?

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[ s_ˈiː_p], [ sˈiːp], [ sˈiːp]

Synonyms for Seep:

reject (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Seep:

  1. reap, sweep, beep, creep, sleep, sheep, deep, heap, weep, peep, jeep, leap, steep, cheap, streep, bleep, keep;
  2. bopeep, asleep;

Quotes for Seep:

  1. Soft money will find its way and seep into the political system and corrode it, unless we plug every hole. Charles Schumer.

Idioms of Seep:

  1. seep through;
  2. seep in ( to sth);
  3. seep out ( of sth);