What is another word for frost?

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The word "frost" is often used to describe the thin layer of ice crystals that form on surfaces when temperatures drop below freezing point. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for "frost" depending on the context of use. For instance, "hoarfrost" is often used to describe the frost that forms on trees, bushes, and other vegetation. "Rime" is another word that can be used to describe frost in a more technical sense, typically referring to the frost that forms on the blades of aircraft and other machinery. Other synonyms for "frost" include "freeze," "ice," "crust," "glaze," and "snow".

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Frost is a phenomenon that occurs during cold weather conditions. If you are looking for antonyms for the word frost, you can consider using words such as heat, warmth, and hotness. These words represent the opposite of frost, as they describe weather conditions that are not cold. Other antonyms for frost can include terms such as mildness, balminess, and tropics. Depending on the context of your writing, you can choose the appropriate antonym that accurately reflects the opposite of frost. Whether you are writing about weather or using frost as a metaphor, these antonyms can help to create a clear and vivid description for your readers.

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Usage examples for Frost

The weathering action of the atmosphere is also greatly aided by frost, as we shall see presently.
James Geikie
But these and other effects of frost will be treated of under the head of Frozen Water.
James Geikie
In the morning we were buried in the frost falling from our own breath.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

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