What is another word for effervesce?

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[ ˈɛfəvˌɛs], [ ˈɛfəvˌɛs], [ ˈɛ_f_ə_v_ˌɛ_s]

Effervesce, or the process of creating bubbles in a liquid, can be described using various synonyms such as fizz, bubble, froth, sparkle, and foam. Each of these words paints a specific picture of the effervescence process: fizz brings to mind the sound and sensation of carbonated drinks, bubble suggests light and airy bubbles like those in soap suds, froth sounds heavier and more dense, sparkle implies a glittering effect, and foam describes a more substantial layer of bubbles. Depending on the context, one synonym may be more appropriate than another in describing effervescence, and using a variety of synonyms can add depth and nuance to one's language.

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How to use "Effervesce" in context?

When something effervesces, it sprays or fountains out a kind of Bubbly liquid with a high level of energy. This usually happens when a gas is dissolved in a liquid and the pressure from the liquid is too much for the gas to hold on to. In effervescing, the gas is set free and it comes out in a rush. Effervescing can happen with a wide range of liquids, from sodas to fruit juices. The natural flavor of the liquid is what helps to make it effervescent.

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