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Jabber is a word that refers to talking rapidly and unintelligibly. There are several synonyms for jabber which might better suit different contexts. One such synonym is chattering, which can refer to talking quickly and excitedly. Another word for jabber is prattle, which can be used to describe someone talking incoherently or nonsensically. Babble is another word that can be used to replace jabber, describing someone who speaks quickly and without much sense. Similarly, gibberish is a term often used to describe speech that is nonsensical and difficult to understand. Lastly, blather can be used to convey the same sense as jabber - talking excessively, repetitively or aimlessly.

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How to use "Jabber" in context?

If you're unfamiliar with the term "jabber", it basically refers to a contemporary online chat protocol that utilizes the XMPP (XMPP Core) protocol. XMPP is an open, proprietary protocol that provides interesting features such as Presence and conversational authentication.

Originally, jabber was used exclusively by experts in the area of computer networking. However, as it gained more popularity, it began to be adopted by the general public. Today, jabber is still used by networking professionals, but it's also being used by individuals to communicate with each other using text, voice, and video chat.

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      Jabir, jaber, gaber.

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