What is another word for squish?

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Squish, the word used to describe a soft and wet sound when something is being flattened or squeezed, has many synonyms that can be used in daily conversations. Some of these synonyms include smush, squash, crush, compress, flatten, press, and squash down. Each synonym can be used depending on the context that it is used in. For instance, when referring to food, the words smush and crush can be used interchangeably. Whereas, when referring to an object like a cardboard box, the words squash or compress may be more appropriate. These synonyms for the word squish help to add variety and depth to our language, making it more interesting and expressive to communicate.

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How to use "Squish" in context?

Squish is a colorful, quirky word that means to crush, mash, or squish. It's often used to describe an experience or object that is remarkably small and lightweight. Squish can also refer to the act of crushing something, as in "his squishy fist hit my face.

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