What is another word for diffident?

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Diffident is a word that describes someone who is shy, lacking in confidence, or reluctant to assert themselves. There are several synonyms for diffident that can help provide a more nuanced understanding of this concept. For instance, timid is a word that describes someone who lacks self-assurance and is easily frightened or hesitant. Similarly, bashful is a term that often refers to someone who is shy and easily embarrassed. Other synonyms for diffident include reserved, modest, reticent, and withdrawn. Each of these words captures a unique aspect of diffidence, highlighting the complexity of this particular personality trait.

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    How to use "Diffident" in context?

    Diffident can describe someone who is not confident or who does not feel at ease in social situations. They may also experience feelings of shyness or insecurity. Diffident people may find it difficult to initiate conversations or to assert themselves.

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