What is another word for smug?

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[ smˈʌɡ], [ smˈʌɡ], [ s_m_ˈʌ_ɡ]

Synonyms for Smug:

disrespectful (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) ingratiating (adjective) proud (adjective) self-confident (adjective) self-righteous (adjective) straitlaced (adjective) vain (adjective) eastern poison oak Other synonyms: prideful
  • on high horse.

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Rhymes for Smug:

  1. lug, bug, mug, drug, jug, dug, snug, thug, rug, hug, slug, plug, shrug, tug;
  2. debug, unplug;

Quotes for Smug:

  1. I don't want to sound smug but I am reasonably satisfied with how it's gone. I think it's fine. Colin Firth.
  2. I think that London is very much like that. I find there's humour in the air and people are interesting. And I think that it's a place which is constantly surprising. The worst thing about it? I think it can be smug and aggressive. Colin Firth.
  3. America is a hurricane, and the only people who do not hear the sound are those fortunate if incredibly stupid and smug White Protestants who live in the center, in the serene eye of the big wind. Norman Mailer.