What is another word for as a whole?

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[ az ɐ hˈə͡ʊl], [ az ɐ hˈə‍ʊl], [ a_z ɐ h_ˈəʊ_l]

As a whole can be replaced with a variety of synonyms and phrases to add variety and clarity to writing or speech. Some synonyms for as a whole include altogether, collectively, en masse, entirely, overall, wholly, and in its entirety. These phrases can help to emphasize the complete and inclusive nature of a group or concept. Additionally, other phrases such as on the whole, as a unit, or in full can also be used to convey a similar meaning. Using different synonyms for as a whole can help to avoid repetitive language and enhance the impact of the message being delivered.

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How to use "As a whole" in context?

When we think about whole, we typically imagine something uniform and complete in its entirety. In mathematics and physics, a whole is a concept that is used to describe sets or collections of objects that are not broken down into their individual parts. For example, a whole pie is made up of various pieces of pie dough cut into appropriate shapes, baked together, and then frosted.

It can be difficult to think about wholes when we're trying to analyze or understand individual pieces of a puzzle. However, when we put all the pieces of a puzzle together, we see the entire picture.

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