What is another word for debarment?

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Debarment refers to the act of being excluded or prohibited from something, particularly from participating in certain activities or processes. Synonyms for debarment may include disqualification, barring, exclusion, prohibition, embargo, and blacklisting. Disqualification refers to the denial of eligibility or qualification for a specific role or position. Barring implies the act of preventing entry or access to a particular place. Exclusion means to keep someone or something out of a situation or event. Prohibition refers to the act of prohibiting or forbidding something. Embargo involves a government-imposed restriction or ban on trade or commercial activity. Blacklisting describes the act of placing someone on a list of individuals who are banned or excluded.

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    A debarment is a formal action of a regulatory agency that prohibits a person or company from doing business with the agency or, in some cases, from doing business with all government entities. The agency may also impose other penalties on the person or company, such as civil fines. A debarment is significant because, once imposed, it can make it very difficult, if not impossible, for the person or company to do business with government bodies.

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