What is another word for confederation?

Pronunciation: [kənfˌɛdəɹˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Confederation is a term that refers to a group or organization of states or nations that come together for a common purpose. There are several synonyms for this term that can be used interchangeably, including alliance, federation, association, union, and coalition. Each of these terms represents a similar concept of bringing together disparate entities for a common goal. An alliance typically denotes a partnership between two or more parties for a specific purpose, while a federation suggests a more permanent union with a central governing body. Association, union, and coalition all represent groups that come together for a common interest or cause. Regardless of the synonym used, the underlying concept of a confederation is universal.

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Confederation - a word that denotes an alliance, union or association between different individuals, groups or nations to achieve a common goal. The antonyms for the word "confederation" would be disunion, disintegration, fragmentation, and separation. Disunion refers to a state of being disunited or divided, often resulting in conflicts or chaos. Disintegration, on the other hand, denotes the breakdown or collapse of a unified entity. Fragmentation refers to a state of being broken into parts or pieces. Lastly, separation signifies the act of separating or dividing something into different parts or sections. These antonyms highlight the opposite of what a confederation seeks to achieve, which is unity and cooperation.

Usage examples for Confederation

If the Philistines were behind the Israelites in the extent of their territory and dominion, their forces were held together and well organised by means of the confederation of the cities.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)"
Max Duncker
While general, the process of confederation was specially conspicuous in the iron and steel trade.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)"
E. Benjamin Andrews
Had the confederation, in the May or June of '47, thrown heart and mind and means and might into the movement I pointed out, they would have made it successful, and settled at once and for ever all quarrels and questions between us and England.
"The Evolution of Sinn Fein"
Robert Mitchell Henry

Famous quotes with Confederation

  • This world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • I have made it quite clear that a unified Ireland was one solution that is out. A second solution was a confederation of two states. That is out. A third solution was joint authority. That is out-that is a derogation of sovereignty.
    Margaret Hilda Thatcher
  • In 1680 the Pueblo Indians, led by a prophet named Popé who had been living in Taos, expelled the Spaniards. ..The god of the Spaniards was declared dead, and the religious ways came out into the open again. ...But when Popé attempted to become the unchallenged leader of all the Pueblo Indians, the movement collapsed. ...The Pueblo confederation soon broke apart and the people warred among themselves. In 1692 the Spaniards marched back to victory.
    Peter Farb
  • A Delaware Indian prophet appeared [1762] in Michigan and preached a doctrine that he said had been revealed to him in a vision. He called for the cessation of strife by Indian against Indian, and a holy war against the Whites... finally a practical man, an Algonkian named Pontiac, arose to lead them. He formed a confederation and attacked English forts all along the Great Lakes until he was ambushed and his forces utterly defeated. ...Forty years later the Shawnee Prophet ... twin brother of Chief Tecumseh, repeated the promises of the Delaware Prophet... Tecumseh established the greatest Indian alliance that ever existed north of Mexico. He and his emissaries visited almost every band, tribe, and chiefdom from the headwaters of the Missouri River in the Rocky Mountains to as far south and east as Florida. Indians everywhere were arming themselves for the right moment to attack the Whites when, in 1811, Tecumseh's brother, the Shawnee Prophet, launched a premature attack at Tippecanoe... the Indians were defeated by General William Henry Harrison... Tecumseh rallied his remaining forces and joined the British in the War of 1812. He fought bravely in battle after battle, but in 1813 his 2,500 warriors from the allied tribes were defeated decisively, once again by General Harrison.
    Peter Farb
  • Withdrawal of U.S. troops, then confederation, then reunification [].
    Brian Reynolds Myers

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