What is another word for conclude?

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There are numerous words that can be used as synonyms for the word "conclude". "Decide", "finalize" and "terminate" are some of the most commonly used synonyms for "conclude". Other possible synonyms include "end", "complete", "finish", "cease" and "wrap up". All of these words suggest the finishing of something, whether it is an idea, a conversation or a project. Using these synonyms can add variety to your writing and help you avoid repeating the same words over and over again. Additionally, choosing the right synonym can help emphasize the finality of your conclusion and leave a lasting impression on your reader.

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    The term 'conclude' signifies the end of a particular event, discussion or decision-making process. We can't always associate positivity with the word 'conclude', and it's not always the desired outcome. Antonyms for 'conclude' include 'begin', 'commence', 'start', and 'initiate', which are all terms that indicate the start of something new. Another antonym word for 'conclude' is 'prolong' or 'extend', which means to continue or make something longer than intended. Words like 'provoke', 'instigate', 'stimulate', and 'encourage' can also serve as antonyms to 'conclude'. They signify the act of inspiring or motivating a person or group to take action, initiate a process or start something new.

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