What is another word for gawky?

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[ ɡˈɔːki], [ ɡˈɔːki], [ ɡ_ˈɔː_k_i]

When describing someone as "gawky", it means that they are awkward, clumsy, and uncoordinated in their movements. Other synonyms for gawky include ungainly, lumbering, clunky, and graceless. These words paint a vivid picture of someone who struggles to move smoothly and effortlessly. Alternatively, you could use "awkward" itself as a synonym, or consider terms like unpolished, unrefined, or uncouth to describe someone who lacks finesse and refinement. Using these different synonyms can help you to convey a clearer picture of the person you are describing and give your writing a bit more depth and nuance.

Synonyms for Gawky:

How to use "Gawky" in context?

Gawky is a word that people often use to describe somebody who looks awkward and uncomfortable. This word is often used to describe people who are not traditionally attractive and can make people feel uncomfortable.

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