What is another word for lumbering?

Pronunciation: [lˈʌmbəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Lumbering is a term used to describe an action that is slow, heavy, and awkward. Some synonyms for this word include trudging, plodding, shuffling, tramping, stomping, and waddling. These words all describe movements that are slow and lack fluidity. Other synonyms for lumbering include meandering, ambling, and sauntering, which describe a slower pace that is more relaxed and less purposeful. Though lumbering is typically associated with animals such as elephants, many people can be described as lumbering when they move in a slow and heavy way. These synonyms can be useful when describing movement in both written and spoken language.

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The word "lumbering" is typically used to describe something that is slow, heavy, or awkward. However, there are several antonyms that can be used to convey the opposite meaning. For instance, words like smooth, graceful, and agile can convey a sense of fluidity and lightness. Other antonyms such as nimble, efficient, and sprightly can indicate speed and quickness. These words are particularly useful when describing movements that require finesse, such as dancing, martial arts or sports. Using antonyms for "lumbering" can add detail and precision to your writing, helping you to convey the precise meaning that you intend.

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Usage examples for Lumbering

The face was too delicate, too refined with all its bronze; the frame was well developed, but too active; it lacked the heavy thickness and the lumbering gait of the farmer bred to the plough.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
Some ran ahead, to clear the traffic; and then came the wagon, lumbering and rocking, so that the prophet was thrown from side to side.
"They Call Me Carpenter"
Upton Sinclair
"The timid and lumbering come out first, hurrying; they increase in numbers, all sorts, and run faster till those near the end go at top speed-it's a thing to see.
"Son of Power"
Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost

Famous quotes with Lumbering

  • Americans don't like plain talk anymore. Nowadays they like fat talk. Show them a lean, plain word that cuts to the bone and watch them lard it with thick greasy syllables front and back until it wheezes and gasps for breath as it comes lumbering down upon some poor threadbare sentence like a sack of iron on a swayback horse. "Facilitate" is typical of the case. A generation ago only sissies and bureaucrats would have said "facilitate" in public. Nowadays we are a nation of "facilitate" utterers. "Facilitate" is nothing more than a gout-ridden, overstuffed "ease." Why has "ease" fallen into disuse among us? It is a lovely little bright snake of a word which comes hissing quietly off the tongue and carries us on, without fuss and French horns, to the object which is being eased. This is English at its very best. Easing is not one of the great events of life; it does not call for Beethoven; it is not an idea to get drunk on, to wallow in, to engage in multiple oleaginous syllabification until it becomes a pompous ass of a word like "facilitate."
    Russell Baker
  • The white race is the cancer of human history? Who was this woman? Who and what? An anthropological epidemiologist? A renowned authority on the history of cultures throughout the world, a synthesizer of the magnitude of a Max Weber, a Joachim Wach, a Sir James Frazer, an Arnold Toynbee? Actually, she was just another scribbler who spent her life signing up for protest meetings and lumbering to the podium, encumbered by her prose style, which had a handicapped parking sticker valid at . Perhaps she was exceptionally hell-bent on illustrating McLuhan's line about indignation endowing the idiot with dignity, but otherwise she was just a typical American intellectual of the post-World War II period.
    Susan Sontag
  • The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as of some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me. God, that hand! The window! The window!
    H. P. Lovecraft
  • At the big Georgia paper mill the saboteur was obviously a chemist. Some kind of catalyst was substituted for a drum of regular sizing solution and vast billowing waves of corrosive fumes ruined the plant. Anonymous calls to a local TV station claimed it had been done to preserve trees. The same day, in northern California, signs were posted on a stand of redwoods that the governor had authorized for lumbering: about two hundred of the last six hundred in the state. The signs said: FOR EVERY TREE YOU KILL ONE OF YOU WILL DIE TOO. The promise was carried out with Schmiesser machine-pistols. The actual score was eighteen people for seventeen trees. Close enough.
    John Brunner

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