What is another word for unwieldy?

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[ ʌnwˈiːldi], [ ʌnwˈiːldi], [ ʌ_n_w_ˈiː_l_d_i]

Synonyms for Unwieldy:

How to use "Unwieldy" in context?

Unwieldy adjective adjective:

1. large, awkward, and unmanageable in size or shape; "a bulky package"; "a cumbersome car"; "a cumbersome dress"; "a large dog"; "a cumbersome workload"; "a cumbersome explanation"

2. requiring much effort or physical strength to move or control; "a cumbersome metal stool"; "a cumbersome machine"; "a cumbersome handshake"; "a cumbersome way of speaking"

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