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A Banshee is a spirit said to wail and scream as a foretoken of death. But did you know that there are many synonyms for banshee? These include wraith, ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, spirit, and many other spooky references. Banshees are creatures of Irish mythology, but similar wailing spirits are found throughout cultures around the world. In Welsh mythology, the infamous hag Cailleach is said to travel the land, cursing and warning of death. Nordic mythology speaks of the Valkyries, who would shriek as they carried off souls of the slain to the afterlife. In any of these traditions, encountering one of these spirits is believed to carry the weight of Prophecy or fate.

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How to use "Banshee" in context?

Halloween is around the bend and like all other holidays, it is accompanied by its own superstitions and folklore. One such legend is the banshee. Said to be a revenant ghost who wails like a lost soul in purgatory, the banshee is known to haunt houses and prognosticate death. But where did this sinister spirit originate?

The banshee is thought to come from the Irish goddess cailleach bheur, meaning "mallow woman." According to legend, she was the goddess of death, childbirth, and wisdom. When the Roman deity Juno caught wind of this, she was not amused.

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