What is another word for hatefulness?

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[ hˈe͡ɪtfə͡lnəs], [ hˈe‍ɪtfə‍lnəs], [ h_ˈeɪ_t_f_əl_n_ə_s]

Hatefulness is an unpleasant emotion that is often associated with anger, resentment, and animosity. If you want to express the same sentiment without using the word "hatefulness," there are several alternative options to choose from. Some possible synonyms for hatefulnes include malice, vindictiveness, spite, animus, enmity, loathing, repugnance, abhorrence, detestation, antipathy, aversion, and hostility. Each of these words conveys a sense of strong negative feelings towards someone or something, and can be used to describe a range of situations, from personal conflicts to larger political or ideological divides.

Synonyms for Hatefulness:

How to use "Hatefulness" in context?

"hatefulness" is an intense or enthusiastic dislike or hatred toward someone or something. It is a complex emotion that can cause great harm to both the person who is hateful and the person or thing they are hateful toward.

Hatefulness can be directed toward people, things, or ideas. It can be instinctive or deliberate, and it can be expressed in words, actions, or attitudes.

Hatefulness can have damaging consequences not only for the target of the hatred, but also for the haters themselves. It can lead to prejudice and discrimination, violence, and even terrorism.

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