What is another word for accursed?

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Accursed is an adjective that is often used to describe someone or something that is cursed or condemned. However, there are many synonyms for accursed that can be used in its place. These include words like damned, cursed, hexed, jinxed, doomed, fated, and ill-fated. Each of these words carries a similar meaning to accursed, but may be better suited to certain contexts or situations. For example, while "damned" may be more appropriate for describing a person or situation that is considered evil or wicked, "jinxed" might be better used to describe someone who seems to be plagued by bad luck. Overall, there are many different synonyms for accursed, and each can be used to effectively convey a sense of doom or misfortune.

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    1. "accursed" is a word that came to be used to describe something that is unlucky or doomed. The word may come from the Old English verb "accelere", meaning to hasten, or from the Latin word "exaccepters", meaning those who hasten. It has been used in English since the 12th century.

    2. In some cases, the word "accursed" may be used as a term of endearment. For example, a parent might call their child "my accursed little prince" in order to affectionately remind the child that they are loved.

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