What is another word for abhorrence?

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Abhorrence is a strong feeling of disgust or hatred towards something or someone, and there are many synonyms that can be used to express this intense feeling. Some synonyms for abhorrence are loathing, detestation, disgust, aversion, repugnance, abomination, animosity, antipathy, and revulsion. These words all convey a strong feeling of dislike or opposition towards something or someone. Whether it is towards a person, an idea, or an action, the use of synonyms for abhorrence allows us to express our feelings in a more precise and impactful way. Using these synonyms, we can convey our disapproval and disdain towards anything that we find repulsive or offensive.

Related words: detestation, loathing, repugnance, revulsion, antipathy, abhorrence, abhorrent, detestable, distasteful, deplorable, hateful

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    Synonyms for Abhorrence:

    How to use "Abhorrence" in context?

    1. Abomination: an act or thing that is despicable, hateful, or repulsive.

    2. The abhorrence one feels for something is really the descriptor of disgust, repugnance and revulsion.

    3. Abhorrence doesn't just come from things, people and actions sometimes warrant this feeling as well.

    4. There's a whole spectrum to the feeling of abhorrence, from the mildest repugnance to the deepest loathing.

    5. It can manifest in a number of ways, from passive apathy to active hostility.

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