What is another word for conniption?

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[ kənˈɪpʃən], [ kənˈɪpʃən], [ k_ə_n_ˈɪ_p_ʃ_ə_n]

"Conniption" is a colorful colloquialism that denotes a sudden fit of intense emotion, often marked by anxiety, anger, or fury. Synonyms for "conntiption" range from the mild to the profane, and include words like tantrum, outburst, fit, rage, snit, hissy fit, freak out, and meltdown. All these words convey a sense of losing control, whether it's over one's emotions, actions, or words. While conniption may be a more lighthearted way of describing an emotional outburst, there is no mistaking the seriousness of the situation where such extreme emotion takes over. Whether due to stress, anger, or frustration, experiencing a conniption is never pleasant, neither for the person going through it nor for those around them.

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How to use "Conniption" in context?

I was reading the dictionary and I saw the word "conniption." It said that it was a "fit of sudden intense excitement, rage, or violence." I was really surprised to see that definition because I had never really understood what conniption meant before.

I have always thought of conniption as a really fun and exciting feeling. Whenever something really exciting happens and I get really angry or excited, that's usually when I start to have conniption symptoms.

One time I was playing with my friends and we were pretending to be mad scientists.

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