What is another word for juxtaposition?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˌʌkstɐpəzˈɪʃən] (IPA)

Juxtaposition refers to placing two or more things side by side for comparison. There are different words to describe this concept such as contrast, comparison, comparison or proximity. Contrast is the act of comparing two things that are opposite or markedly different. Comparison is the act of examining two or more things in order to identify similarities and differences. Proximity refers to the state of being close or near to something. Other synonyms for juxtaposition include arrange, coordinate, balance, harmonize, complement, and correlate. All of these words encompass the idea of placing things together in order to create a relationship or understanding between them.

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Juxtaposition is a word that refers to the placement of two or more objects, ideas, or concepts next to each other for comparison or contrast. The antonyms of juxtaposition are separation and isolation. Separation refers to the action of dividing or setting apart things that are normally together while isolation refers to being alone or separated from others. Another antonym for juxtaposition is dissociation, which means the separation of a particular idea, memory, or thought from a person's normal consciousness. These antonyms of juxtaposition can be useful in various contexts, such as in art, literature, and photography, where the use of space and distance can convey different meanings.

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Usage examples for Juxtaposition

Yet now, as the fly rattled over the cobbles of the Close and the familiar cathedral rose before her like a menace, she hung her head and greatly doubted but what the juxtaposition was wicked.
"The Pastor's Wife"
Elizabeth von Arnim
A low murmur of voices guided her to the verandah-a few stealthy steps brought her within sight of two figures in juxtaposition-a flash of lightning revealed who they were-at the same time disclosing a sight that scorched her heart to its very core.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
It was a juxtaposition of high-flown words making no sense.
"Botchan (Master Darling)"
Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri

Famous quotes with Juxtaposition

  • Well, I know, after all, it is only juxtaposition, juxtaposition, in short; and what is juxtaposition?
    Arthur Hugh Clough
  • I like the construction of sentences and the juxtaposition of words-not just how they sound or what they mean, but even what they look like.
    Don DeLillo
  • I think we are all slightly down in the dumps after another loss. We may be in the wrong sign... Venus may be in the wrong juxtaposition with somewhere else.
    Ted Dexter
  • Words are not pebbles in alien juxtaposition.
    Learned Hand
  • The Iraq War marked the beginning of the end of network news coverage. Viewers saw the juxtaposition of the embedded correspondents reporting the war as it was actually unfolding and the jaundiced, biased, negative coverage of these same events in the network newsrooms.
    Dick Morris

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