What is another word for collocation?

Pronunciation: [kˌɒlə͡ʊkˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Collocation is a frequently occurring combination of words in a language. It is an essential aspect of language learning as it helps learners to understand the natural way of using words in any language. Some synonyms of collocation include combination, grouping, association, pairing, arrangement, and alignment. These words all refer to the concept of words or phrases being used together in a certain way. Other synonyms for collocation might include co-occurrence, compatibility, concomitance, concurrence, and juxtaposition. Each of these words can be used to describe the relationship between words and phrases and how they are used together in any given language. By understanding these synonyms, language learners can improve their understanding of language and how it is used in everyday situations.

Synonyms for Collocation:

What are the paraphrases for Collocation?

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What are the hypernyms for Collocation?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Collocation?

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What are the opposite words for collocation?

Collocation refers to the arrangement of words in a syntactically correct manner to form a meaningful phrase. Some antonyms of the word collocation include disarray, chaos, randomness, scattering, and arbitrary placement. Collocation establishes a logical connection between words, while its antonyms indicate a lack of order, structure, and coherence. Words that don't collocate well may create confusion and impede communication. By contrast, selecting the correct words and organizing them in a meaningful way can make communication more effective and understandable. Therefore, it is important to understand antonyms of collocation to avoid making mistakes in language usage.

What are the antonyms for Collocation?

Usage examples for Collocation

For this choice collocation of words he was indebted to a political editorial in the county weekly.
"Under the Skylights"
Henry Blake Fuller
Because, though the mere collocation which makes the proposition a proposition, conveys no more than this scanty amount of meaning, that same collocation combined with other circumstances, that form combined with other matter, does convey more, and much more.
"A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
John Stuart Mill
The whole of the phenomena of nature were therefore the necessary, or in other words, the unconditional, consequences of some former collocation of the Permanent Causes.
"A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
John Stuart Mill

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