What is another word for tessellation?

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Tessellation is a geometric pattern that repeats without overlapping or leaving gaps. Other words that describe this term include tiling, mosaic, and patterning. Geometric tessellation uses regular polygons such as squares, equilateral triangles, and hexagons to create intricate designs. Escher patterns are well-known examples of tessellation art. Another synonym for tessellation is tesselation, which has a similar meaning to the original word. Tessellate is the verb form that describes the act of forming or arranging such patterns. Overall, tessellation is an important concept in mathematics and art, and the different synonyms help us better understand the intricacies of these designs.

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    What are the opposite words for tessellation?

    Tessellation refers to the arrangement of shapes, usually polygons, in a repeated pattern without any gaps. Antonyms of tessellation would be arrangements with gaps, interruptions or disorder. Disarray, inconsistency, irregularity, chaos, and asymmetry are all antonyms to the organized pattern of tessellation. These words are in stark contrast to the neat and orderly arrangements typically seen in tessellations. Tessellation also implies regularity, uniformity and repetition; antonyms would include variety, diversity, and individuality. Tessellations are beautiful symmetrical designs that can be found in architecture, art and even in nature. By understanding the antonyms, we come to appreciate the order and beauty found in tessellations.

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    Usage examples for Tessellation

    Meantime the whole is a series of mosaics; a tessellation made up from borrowed fragments: and first, when the reader's attention is expressly directed upon the fact, he becomes aware that the nominal author has contributed nothing more to the book than a few passages of transition or brief clauses of connection.
    "Biographical Essays"
    Thomas de Quincey

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