What is another word for remembrance?

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Remembrance is a word that connotes the act of recalling or the process of keeping memories alive. It is a crucial aspect of human existence that enables individuals to cherish the past, learn from it, and make better decisions for the future. Synonyms for remembrance include memory, recollection, reminiscence, commemoration, realization, retention, awareness, reflection, contemplation, and pondering. Each of these words describes a different perspective or feeling in relation to the act of remembering. While some suggest a conscious effort to recall, others imply a more involuntary process of recollection. Regardless of the synonym used, though, remembrance remains a vital component of human experience.

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How to use "Remembrance" in context?

There is no one answer to the question of what it means to remember. For some, remembering means celebrating the past, honoring those who have passed on, and looking to the future with hope. For others, remembering means grieving the losses of loved ones, redressing the wrongs of the past, and facing the present with courage. No matter what definition someone uses, it is important to pay tribute to those who have passed away and cherish the memories of those who are still with us.

The act of remembrance can take many forms.

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