What is another word for garland?

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Garlands are decorative wreaths that are used for adorning the house, festive occasions, or even for a welcoming touch. However, there are numerous synonyms for this term that are less common but just as effective. One of the trending terms is lei. These are floral wreaths used in Hawaiian culture for welcoming guests and are exchanged to show respect. Another word for garland is festoon, which means a decorative string of flowers, leaves, or ribbon. Bunting is another term used for garlands made with triangular shaped fabric and strung together. Tassel, swag, and streamer are additional synonyms for garland, each providing an array of options for creating a festive atmosphere.

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    Garland is a versatile decoration for any room in the home. It can add a touch of festive cheer, or represent a specific holiday or season. Many different materials can be used to make a Garland, including ribbons, wire, and woven fabrics. There are many different ways to put a Garland together, and it can be made as a standalone decoration, or as part of a larger design scheme. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy holiday decoration, or something that will last all season, a Garland is a great option.

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