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When we are indecisive or unsure, we might say that we are "dithering." However, there are a number of other words we can use to convey the same meaning. Some synonym options for "dither" include "hesitate," "waver," "vacillate," "fluctuate," and "dilly-dally." If someone is being particularly unproductive or indecisive, we might also say that they are "dragging their feet," "twiddling their thumbs," or "hemming and hawing." Whether we are trying to describe our own ambivalence or critique someone else's lack of action, there are plenty of ways to convey the idea of dithering.

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Dithering is achieved by introducing a small amount of noise into the digital image data, in order to make it more perceptible to the human eye. Noise is created by random amounts of data being added to the image, creating a grainy appearance. When dithering is used in an image, the results can be subtle or pronounced, depending on the amount of noise used. Random noise also creates a more aesthetically pleasing image, making it more difficult to detect flaws in the image.

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