What is another word for fray?

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Fray is a verb that means to wear away or become ragged. Synonyms for fray include unravel, tatter, shred, or fray out. Fray can also refer to a physical altercation or fight. Synonyms for this usage might include brawl, skirmish, scuffle, or altercation. In a different context, fray can mean to cause worry or anxiety. Synonyms for this usage might include worry, concern, distress, or unease. Overall, the word fray can have a variety of meanings and potential synonyms depending on the context in which it is used.

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    Fray is a type of yarn that has been vegetable fiber treated with a hot process that alters the fiber structure. The treated fiber is then blended with other fiber types to create a yarn. Frays are semi-washable, but may Stain and may Be Hard to Stitch With.

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