What is another word for wheedle?

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[ w_ˈiː_d_əl], [ wˈiːdə͡l], [ wˈiːdə‍l]

Synonyms for Wheedle:

wheedle (noun) Other synonyms:

Quotes for Wheedle:

  1. Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you; she is after your barn. Hesiod.
  2. You can always make a film somehow. You can beg, borrow, steal the equipment, use credit cards, use your friends' goodwill, wheedle your way into this or that situation. The real problem is, how do you get people to see it once it is made? Walter Murch.

Idioms of Wheedle:

  1. wheedle sm into sth;
  2. wheedle sth away from sm;
  3. wheedle away from;

Adjectives for Wheedle:

  • despicable female,
  • coaxing,
  • servile,
  • unmistakable,
  • mock,
  • professional,
  • female,
  • thin,
  • full-on,
  • suggestive,
  • ould,
  • double,
  • full,
  • persuasive.