What is another word for Cataloguing?

Pronunciation: [kˈatɐlˌɒɡɪŋ] (IPA)

Cataloguing is a term that is widely used in reference to the organization and categorization of various items. As we know, it is a crucial process that helps us in identifying items and tracking their details systemically. Some of the synonyms that can be used interchangeably with cataloguing include classifying, indexing, inventorying, archiving, sorting, filing, logging, and documenting. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but they all relate to the process of organizing and keeping track of items. Whether you are a librarian, shopkeeper, or researcher, it is essential to have a systematic method of cataloguing items that you handle daily.

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What are the hypernyms for Cataloguing?

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What are the opposite words for Cataloguing?

Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning to a given word. Cataloguing, which refers to the process of organizing and listing items systematically, has several antonyms. One antonym of cataloguing is disordering, which means to arrange things haphazardly or without proper structure. Another antonym is scattering, which refers to separating and dispersing things randomly. Additionally, neglecting can be considered an antonym of cataloguing as it implies ignoring or forgetting to keep track of items. Finally, disorganizing can also be seen as an antonym of cataloguing as it refers to disrupting or undoing previously organized items.

What are the antonyms for Cataloguing?

Usage examples for Cataloguing

A new man had swum all unexpectedly into her ken and she was busy Cataloguing him.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory
The fever seized her thereupon, and she plunged into planning and Cataloguing.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland
Alsoe, hath had his Organ taken to Pieces; but as it must goe in two severall Loads, and we cannot get a bigger Wagon,-everie Cart and Carriage, large or little, being on such hard Duty in these Times,-I'm to be left behind till the Wagon returns, and till I've finished Cataloguing the Books; after which Ned Phillips hath promised to take me down on a Pillion.
"Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary"
Anne Manning

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