What is another word for virginal?

Pronunciation: [vɜːd͡ʒˈa͡ɪnə͡l] (IPA)

Virginal is an adjective that describes something pure or untouched. Some synonyms for virginal include innocent, pristine, untouched, and chaste. These words all convey a sense of purity and lack of corruption. Other synonyms for virginal may include naivete, inexperience, and freshness. These words highlight a lack of knowledge or exposure, rather than just the sense of purity. Overall, virginal is a word used to describe something that is pure and untouched, and these synonyms capture that same aura of sterility and newness.

Synonyms for Virginal:

What are the hypernyms for Virginal?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for virginal?

Virginal, a word typically associated with innocence and purity, has a plethora of antonyms that describe the opposite qualities. The antonyms for virginal include words such as promiscuous, impure, defiled, corrupted, polluted, tainted, depraved, sinful, and immoral. The idea of antonyms for virginal stems from the societal view that virginity and innocence go hand in hand. However, in modern society, the concept of virginity has evolved to encompass a broader meaning that is not necessarily linked to purity or innocence. Regardless, the antonyms of virginal continue to exist and are used to describe individuals who engage in sexual activities outside societal norms.

What are the antonyms for Virginal?

Usage examples for Virginal

She was in virginal white this evening, and her delicately modelled head was turned toward the door.
James Huneker
The other pages were virginal of ink....
James Huneker
They looked hard into each other's eyes-his were glowing like restless red coals-and then he plunged down the path leaving her strained and shaken to the very centre of her virginal soul.
James Huneker

Famous quotes with Virginal

  • The traveler, however virginal and enthusiastic, does not enjoy an unbroken ecstasy. He has periods of gloom, periods when he asks himself the object of all these exertions, and puts the question whether or not he is really experiencing pleasure. At such times he suspects that he is not seeing the right things, that the characteristic, the right aspects of these strange scenes are escaping him. He looks forward dully to the days of his holiday yet to pass, and wonders how he will dispose of them. He is disgusted because his money is not more, his command of the language so slight, and his capacity for enjoyment so limited.
    Arnold Bennett
  • Emmy's exquisite youth and her virginal air, Eyes and teeth in the flash of a musical smile, Come to me out of the past, and I see her there As I saw her once for a while.
    Arthur Symons
  • The clean delicate lines of her figure, the exquisite pure colouring of hair and skin, the charming young arrogance of the eyes — this was beauty, he reflected, a miracle, a revelation. Her virginal fineness and her dress, which was the tint of pale fire, gave her the air of a creature of ice and flame.
    John Buchan

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