What is another word for aspersion?

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Aspersion is a noun that refers to a damaging or derogatory remark about someone or something. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of aspersion, including defamation, slander, libel, calumny, vilification, and smear. Defamation is a broad term that encompasses any false statement that harms someone's reputation, while slander specifically refers to verbal defamation. Libel refers to written or published defamation. Calumny is a false and malicious statement meant to damage someone's reputation. Vilification is the act of making someone the subject of hostile criticism or abuse. Smear is a deliberate attempt to damage someone's reputation. All of these synonyms convey the same negative meaning as aspersion.

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Upon examination, the word "aspersion" is made up of two French elements: aspersion (from the Latin aspergere, meaning "to sprinkle") and perspire (from the Latin perens, meaning "to perspire"). Akin to its Latin root, the verb aspersion is defined as the act of sprinkling something over a surface, usually to cleanse or purify it, and the noun form is an instance of that act.

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