What is another word for mid-way?

Pronunciation: [mˈɪdwˈe͡ɪ] (IPA)

When we talk about the term "mid-way," we often refer to something that's halfway to completion or halfway between two things. If you're writing something and don't want to use the word "mid-way" repeatedly, there are various synonyms you can use, such as halfway, halfway point, middle, midpoint, center, center point, median, equidistant, intermediary, and in-between. These words have the same basic meaning, but each one carries a slightly different connotation. Some imply a more precise measure while others are more abstract. So, depending on the context of your writing, you can choose from these synonyms to add variation to your text.

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What are the hypernyms for Mid-way?

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What are the opposite words for mid-way?

Mid-way is a term that connotes a point that is located exactly at the center of two extremes. Some of the antonyms for mid-way include completely, fully, entirely, and absolutely. While the word mid-way is used to express moderation in certain situations, its antonyms express the extreme or ultimate end of a continuum. For instance, "completely" denotes an action that is performed without any reservation, while mid-way suggests that the action was done with some level of restraint. In essence, while mid-way is used to describe something at the middle of two points, its antonyms connote either extreme of the scale.

Famous quotes with Mid-way

  • The biosphere is now enriched with an other stratum, mid-way between the material and the spiritual, and that is the web of connections, a “virtual” reality made of communication by means of the new media. On a daily basis, we move around in this space with all the content we are capable of. This physically concretizes the concept that all humans can merge in a single moment, where no one is separated from the others and all become a single entity, which is the web.
    Caterina Davinio

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