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The term "bordering" refers to the act of being adjacent to or adjacent to another place or region. It is often used to describe the proximity or relationship between two or more locations or regions. Other synonyms for bordering include adjoining, abutting, neighboring, flanking, touching or bounding. These words all indicate the close physical proximity of one location or region to another. When discussing international relations, neighboring is often used to describe the relationship between countries that share a common border. Regardless of the context, all of these terms describe the bond that exists between two or more places or regions that physically or metaphorically touch.

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When determining the physical and economic boundaries of a piece of land, humans generally look to the natural features surrounding the area: rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests. However, in some cases-more commonly in rural areas-humans also create boundaries by marking the edges of fields and plots of land. In some cases, these boundaries may be based on traditional land uses-such as farming or grazing-while in others they may be established for other reasons, like the natural boundaries of highways or railroads.

Nevertheless, no matter what the motivation, all boundaries have the potential to affect both the social and natural dynamics of an area.

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