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A monolith can refer to a large, single stone or rock formation, but it can also represent anything that is massive, unchanging and imposing. Synonyms for monolith include behemoth, colossus, giant, mammoth, mountain, titan, and edifice. These words all convey a sense of great size and dominance over their surroundings. Other synonyms for monolith might include "monument" or "obelisk," which both suggest an object that commands attention due to its sheer size or historical significance. Whether used to describe a physical object or an abstract concept, synonyms for monolith are useful for conveying a sense of strength, power, and permanence.

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    1. In architecture, a monolith is a large stone or concrete structure that is used either alone or as the principal element of an ensemble.

    2. The name comes from the Ancient Greek μόνος (monos), meaning "alone", and lithos, meaning "stone".

    3. While the term is most commonly associated with ancient or classical architecture, it has been used in modern architecture as well, particularly for large curtain wall constructs.

    4. The earliest known example of a monolithic structure is the Great Wall of China, which is generally assumed to have been built in the 7th century BC.

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