What is another word for cenotaph?

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Cenotaph, meaning a tomb or monument erected in honor of a person or group whose remains are elsewhere, can also be called a memorial, monument, shrine or grave marker. Other synonyms for cenotaph include commemoration, tribute, remembrance, memorialization, memorial stone, gravestone, stele, and marker. Cenotaphs can be found in cemeteries, war memorials, and other notable locations. They often serve as a place of gathering and reflection for those wishing to pay their respects to the deceased, and as a reminder of their legacy and contributions to society. Regardless of the name, cenotaphs represent a meaningful and lasting way to honor and remember loved ones.

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Usage examples for Cenotaph

"The cenotaph," now in the National Gallery, was exhibited in the Royal Academy of 1836-the subject being the cenotaph erected by Sir George Beaumont in memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds, a tribute of affection and respect.
C. Lewis Hind
Was the uninspiriting "cenotaph" in his mind when, in the autumn of this year, he wrote so generously about the pictures that his great contemporary was exhibiting:-"Turner has outdone himself; he seems to paint with tinted steam, so evanescent and so airy."
C. Lewis Hind
The tomb is an octagon and in the central chamber is the great emperor's cenotaph of plain white marble.
"The Critic in the Orient"
George Hamlin Fitch

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