What is another word for mooch?

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The word "mooch" is often used to describe someone who habitually asks for things without offering anything in return. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for this behavior, including "freeloader," "leech," "sponger," "beggar," and "panhandler." Each of these words suggests someone who takes advantage of others without any intention of reciprocating or contributing. Additionally, terms like "scrounger," "parasite," and "vulture" all convey a negative connotation of someone who feeds off the generosity of others. In any case, people who consistently mooch off of others are often viewed unfavorably and may struggle to maintain relationships or credibility in the long term.

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    Mooching is the act of asking others for goods and services without offering to pay. Moochers are usually people who are unemployed or recent arrivals in a new city. They may try to get free food, shelter, or help with basic needs from people they know. Moochers can be a nuisance to communities, but they also can be very vulnerable and in need of help.

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