What is another word for mope?

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The word "mope" describes a state of being down, sad or unhappy. There are many synonyms for this word, which can help to convey the same meaning in different ways. Some of these include: sulk, brood, fret, pout, pine, lament, mourn, and lament. Other similar words for "mope" include "despondent", "disconsolate", "dismal", "melancholy", "forlorn", and "gloomy". All of these synonyms help to paint a picture of someone feeling low or unhappy, and can be useful in both writing and conversation. So next time you want to describe the feeling of moping, consider using one of these related words instead.

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What are the opposite words for mope?

Mope is a synonym for despondency, sulking, or listlessness. Its antonyms are words like animated, lively, energetic, or enthusiastic. When we encounter the word "mope," we usually associate it with feelings of sadness or depression, but its opposite provides us with a range of feelings consistent with a happier emotional state. Synonyms and antonyms help people expand their vocabulary and express themselves in different ways. Using antonyms for Mope allows us to communicate a more accurate picture of our feelings and engage in positive conversations with others. Therefore, when we feel down or sad, trying to find the antonyms of Mope might be helpful in picking our mood up.

Usage examples for Mope

You and Miss Jessie just mope about like sick kittens; and as for the servants-well, I don't belong in that crew, anyhow-but they are getting worse and worse.
"Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life"
Ann S. Stephens
He seemed relieved, but went on: I don't half like leaving you here to mope alone.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann
And after all a man was a fool to mope and whine when that wind from the sea was beating in his ears and the sea scents of clover and poppies and salt stinging foam were brought to his nostrils, and the trees rustled like the beating of birds' wings in the velvety star-lighted sky.
"The Wooden Horse"
Hugh Walpole

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