What is another word for maunder?

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"Maunder" is a verb that means to speak in a rambling or wandering manner, often without a clear purpose or direction. Some synonyms for "maunder" include: meander, ramble, babble, prattle, gabble, chatter, jabber, blather, drone, and harangue. These words convey a sense of aimlessness and verbal wandering, suggesting a lack of focus or clarity in communication. Other related words might include "tangential," "digressive," or "circumlocutory." Whether used to describe a conversation or a written work, the word "maunder" suggests a lack of coherence or structure, implying a scattered or disorganized way of thinking or communicating.

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    Many people describe maunders as people who seem to have a cloudy or unsettled mind. The origin of the phrase is unknown, but it may be derived from Old High German mandur meaning month (of the year), as in a maunder in March would be a month with a lot of clouds. Some believe that the phrase is linked to the Celtic goddess Mawlona, who was associated with the moon and whom people feared because she was capricious and unpredictable. Anybody who exhibited these qualities could be called a maunder.

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