What is another word for necked?

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The term "necked" has a relatively narrow definition, referring primarily to the exposure of someone's neck. However, there are a multitude of synonyms that can be used to describe this kind of exposure. These include words like "naked," "bare," "exposed," "unclothed," "uncovered," and "unprotected." Other synonyms might emphasize the vulnerability of the neck, such as "defenseless," "unarmed," "unshielded," or "unfortified." Some words might even invoke similar imagery or associations, such as "throaty" or "guttural," which create the impression of the throat as the primary source of communication. Whatever words are used, they can add depth and nuance to descriptions of necks and their underlying meanings.

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    Necked is a contemporary performance art piece that investigates the relationships between neck and body. The title of the piece is an intentional reference to the medical condition nephrolithiasis, which is a build-up of stones in the kidney.

    NECKED is composed of seven performers who are strapped to the steel frame of a moving van. Each performer is immobilized by a neck collar, limiting their freedom of movement. The performers are asked to do things like Stretch their necks to the side or touch their heads to the ground.

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