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The word "smack" has a number of synonyms that can be used in various situations. Some alternatives include "slap," which is a forceful strike with the hand, "thump," which describes a heavy blow, "whack," which is a sharp and sudden hit, and "thwack," which typically refers to a loud, solid hit. Other synonyms for "smack" include "smackdown," which is a forceful response to an opponent or rival, "crack," which is a loud, sharp sound, and "pop," which is a quick and sudden hit. Additionally, the word "smack" can be used to describe a drug user's method of consumption, and synonyms for this usage include "shoot up," "mainline," and "inject".

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Smack is a verb meaning to strike someone with a open hand, usually on the face or head, as a punishment. It is derived from the Dutch word smeken, meaning to pray or supplicate.

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