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The word "cling" can be replaced by many synonyms depending on the context. For instance, "adhere" resembles the idea of sticking or sticking to something tightly. "Cohere" is an appropriate alternative to "cling" when expressing the concept of unity or bond. "Clasp", "hold onto", and "grasp" are also fitting choices, emphasizing the strength of the grip. In contrast, "cling" can also indicate to seek someone's company or attention, and therefore, "hold onto" may not match in this context. When describing plants growing on walls or rocks, "clinging" would be changed to "creeping" to describe their climbing style. In summary, selecting an alternative word for "cling" incorporates the meaning and contextual use of the term.

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How to use "Cling" in context?

The word "cling" is defined as "to cling to or hold on to with ardor and insistence especially as a security measure against fear, loneliness, or uncertainty." The Oxford English Dictionary notes that the earliest known use of the word is from 1386 and it comes from the Old French word "clingier" which means "to cling." The dictionary article goes on to state that the word is most likely related to the Proto-Indo-European root "klink"- meaning "to tighten." Clinging can provide psychological security and often forms a close bond between people. The qualities that make clinging a desirable behavior are referred to as attachment.

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    • Verb, non-3rd person singular present

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  • kling.

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