What is another word for overburden?

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The word "overburden" is often used to describe an excess or heavy load that weighs down or exhausts something. Synonyms for this word include "overload", "overwhelm", "overwork" and "overtax". These words convey different shades of meaning, with "overload" suggesting a load that is too heavy to bear, "overwhelm" suggesting a sensation of being flooded or inundated, "overwork" referring to excessive labor or effort, and "overtax" implying an excessive use of something's resources. There are also some more colloquial synonyms, like "frazzle", "burn out", and "stress out", which convey a sense of being worn down emotionally or psychologically. Whatever word you choose, they all describe a sense of being overburdened, weighed down, or excessively taxed.

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How to use "Overburden" in context?

"overburden" is a term used to describe the weight of an object that is resting on, or pushing down on another object. Overburden can be caused by natural factors, like soil and rock, or by man-made factors, like buildings and roads. Overburden can also impact the natural environment, leading to environmental problems, such as erosion. In order to manage overburden properly, it is important to understand the different types of overburden and how they can affect the environment and people.

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