What is another word for put to sleep?

Pronunciation: [pˌʊt tə slˈiːp] (IPA)

There are various synonyms for the phrase "put to sleep" which is often used to refer to euthanizing animals or administering anesthesia to humans. Some alternatives include the phrases "sedate," "administer a lethal injection," "euthanize," "put down," "anesthetize," "render unconscious," "induce a deep sleep," and "put under anesthesia." Each phrase conveys a slightly different meaning, and may be used in different contexts depending on the situation. It's important to consider the intended meaning and tone when choosing a synonym for this phrase, as it can have significant emotional impact and implications.

Synonyms for Put to sleep:

What are the hypernyms for Put to sleep?

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What are the hyponyms for Put to sleep?

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What are the opposite words for put to sleep?

Antonyms for the phrase "put to sleep" include words like awaken, revive, energize, awaken, enliven, stimulate, excite, and wake up. These words represent the opposite of the calmness and sleepiness associated with the term "put to sleep." They refer to actions that promote alertness, vitality, and activity, rather than inducing lethargy or drowsiness. Antonyms for this phrase can also include terms like disturb, agitate, and awaken, which refer to actions that disrupt sleep and prevent rest. The antonyms of "put to sleep" are therefore associated with activity, vitality, and wakefulness, rather than calm and rest.

Famous quotes with Put to sleep

  • Far too often animals are put to sleep when they could be saved through proper care and nursing.
    Louis Leakey

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