What is another word for encumber?

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Encumber means to hinder, obstruct, or burden. Synonyms for encumber include hamper, impede, complicate, clog, slow down, weigh down, burden, hinder, obstruct, handicap, fetter, shackle, manacle, restrain, deter, prevent, constrict, restrain and block. Each of these synonyms emphasizes a different way of inhibiting or limiting movement or action, whether it be through physical or metaphorical means. Encumbrance can be caused by a variety of factors including obstacles, burdens, or restrictions. Whether in physical or abstract contexts, these synonyms convey a sense of difficulty and struggle that hinder forward progress or success.

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How to use "Encumber" in context?

Encumber is a verb meaning to bring down the amount, quality, or speed of something. Encumbering factors could be physical or mental, and can make it harder for something to happen or be done. Many things can encumber an activity, such as bureaucratic red tape, a large workload, or distractions. Sometimes encumbering factors are a result of other events, like a natural disaster. In any case, constructing or managing a project or endeavor can be more difficult when encumbered by these things.

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