What is another word for unlikeness?

Pronunciation: [ʌnlˈa͡ɪknəs] (IPA)

Unlikeness refers to the state or quality of being different or dissimilar. Various synonyms can be used to describe the concept of unlikeness, some of which include dissimilarity, diversity, disparity, variance, divergence, distinction, variation, and contrast. Dissimilarity refers to a lack of resemblance; diversity refers to a variety of differences; disparity points to an inequality or imbalance; and variance suggests variations or fluctuations. Divergence emphasizes a branching out in different directions or a growing apart, while distinction suggests a marked difference or individuality. Lastly, contrast refers to the comparison of two or more things with opposing characteristics. All of these synonyms accurately capture the meaning of unlikeness and provide a variety of ways to express this concept in writing or conversation.

What are the hypernyms for Unlikeness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for unlikeness?

Unlikeness is a term used to describe the lack of similarity between two or more things. Its antonyms are words that express the opposite meaning. These include similarity, resemblance, likeness, sameness, homogeneity, congruity, harmony, and accordance. While the word unlikeness suggests a negative connotation, its antonyms connote positivity and harmony, emphasizing the presence of shared characteristics or qualities between things. Antonyms are an essential tool in expanding one's vocabulary, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively and precisely. By using antonyms, we can convey contrasting meanings, emphasizing the differences or the similarities between things in a more accurate and nuanced way.

What are the antonyms for Unlikeness?

Usage examples for Unlikeness

So there may be, nay, for the highest union there must be, a great general conformity behind the distinctions, a deep underlying common basis beneath the unlikeness.
Hugh Black
Could that account for the strange, unsatisfied longings he had always had, his unearthly feelings, his unlikeness to other people?
"The Lost Door"
Dorothy Quick
As he faced them in doing this, he noticed once more the baffling resemblance between Adela and Jessie, which their unlikeness in stature and general bearing rendered all the more peculiar; and the gray eyes of the Reefes troubled him by their enigmatic expression.
"True and Other Stories"
George Parsons Lathrop

Famous quotes with Unlikeness

  • a boy is easily led to seecertain resemblances in words.and the observation of likeness and unlikeness of this kind may be taught in the humblest schools. It is a very potent method of forming boys to observe, to distinguish and to classify.
    George Long (scholar)
  • When I compare myself, my being-myself, with anything else whatever, all things alike, all in the same degree, rebuff me with blank unlikeness.
    Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • Wherefore, though good and bad men suffer alike, we must not suppose that there is no difference between the men themselves, because there is no difference in what they both suffer. For even in the likeness of the sufferings, there remains an unlikeness in the sufferers; and though exposed to the same anguish, virtue and vice are not the same thing.So material a difference does it make, not what ills are suffered, but what kind of man suffers them. For, stirred up with the same movement, mud exhales a horrible stench, and ointment emits a fragrant odor.
    Augustine of Hippo

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