What is another word for precocious?

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Precocious is an adjective that describes a child or young person who displays advanced development or maturity beyond their age. Synonyms for precocious include gifted, advanced, talented, intelligent, exceptional, advanced beyond one's years, ahead of one's time, forward, ahead, experienced, knowledgeable, and mature. These words all convey a level of success or talent at a young age. Using synonyms for precocious can help enrich your writing and give it a unique flair. By including words like advanced or intelligent instead of precocious, you can provide a more nuanced description of someone who is young but already excelling beyond their peers.

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How to use "Precocious" in context?

Many people believe that precocious individuals are smarter than their peers. This is because precocious individuals reach a level of intellectual maturity much earlier than their peers. The fact is, though, precocious individuals can have a lot of struggles. Many times, precocious individuals have a lot of difficulty adjusting to the changes in their lives. They may also experience difficulties with controlling their emotions. This can lead to them having to deal with a lot of bullying. However, precocious individuals are often very talented. They can often be very successful in their fields.

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