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The word backward is often used to describe something that is behind or not advancing. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used in its place depending on the context. For instance, the words retrograde, regressive, or declining can be used to describe a situation or economy that is going backward in progress. The word slow or stagnant can be used to describe a situation that is moving at a slower pace than expected. Moreover, the word unsophisticated or primitive can be used to describe a person or culture that is backward in development or knowledge. In summary, the use of synonyms can help to convey a more precise meaning when describing a backward condition.

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    In mathematics, a mathematical object is said to be "backward" relative to another object if the first object can be mapped to the second object in a one-to-one correspondence, but the second object cannot be mapped to the first object in a one-to-one correspondence.

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