What is another word for cockiness?

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Cockiness is a negative trait that is often associated with overconfidence and arrogance. Some synonyms for cockiness include conceit, haughtiness, self-importance, egotism, and pomposity. These words suggest an individual who believes they are superior to others and is often dismissive of advice or feedback. Other terms that can be used to describe cockiness include vanity, snobbery, narcissism, and superiority complex. While confidence is a desirable trait, it is important to maintain humility and respect for others. When dealing with individuals who display cockiness, it is important to approach them in a firm but respectful manner to avoid escalating the situation.

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What are the opposite words for cockiness?

Cockiness, which is synonymous with arrogance, refers to excessive self-confidence or a belief in one's superiority over others. Its antonyms reflect more positive personality traits such as humility, modesty, and shyness. Humility is the antonym that refers to acknowledging one's limitations and lack of importance, whereas modesty is the quality of being unassuming and not thinking too highly of oneself. Shyness is another opposite of cockiness, which may denote a lack of self-confidence or a reserved and bashful demeanor. Other antonyms for cockiness include deference, politeness, and respectfulness, which suggests a more courteous and respectful behavior towards others.

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Usage examples for Cockiness

Of course, this cockiness was due to the fat fingers of honest John Bull; indeed, England had more than ten fingers in this pie that was baking.
"The Secrets of the German War Office"
Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves
It was Peter's cockiness.
"Peter and Wendy"
James Matthew Barrie
The open mouth, the drooping arm, the arched knee: they were such a personification of cockiness as, taken together, will never again one may hope be presented to eyes so sensitive to their offensiveness.
"Peter and Wendy"
James Matthew Barrie

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